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There is a level of respect that comes with dating and it is really important to take into account the vulnerability of the other person’s emotions.

The act of ghosting provides absolutely no answers and you are left ultimately asking yourself what you may have said or done to ‘mess’ it up.” —Kate Mac Lean, Resident Dating Expert and PR Coordinator at Plenty Of Fish, tells Bustle.

It’s probably happened to you, without the ghost terminology. That is, until you realize it’s been days of no contact, which will probably bleed into weeks, then months. ” or they may beg, “Pleaaaaaaase give me another chance!

You make up excuses in your head: “He did say he was going out of town for work.” (Right, and phones don’t work worldwide! ” Basically, people just want to know why it happens.

I was recently ghosted after an amazing first date—the guy literally just dropped off the face of the planet—and it’s such an awful feeling.

(Even pop singer Demi Lovato said she recently did it.) No goodbye text or email or phone call or, for the really bold, in-person ciao. Maybe you went on a handful of dates with the person, or maybe we dated for months (of course, the longer the time, the worse the ghosting feels). They’ll say, “Should I have taken you to dinner instead of drinks?

We all have done it, and we all have had it done to us, but personally, I think that if we all were honest with each other and just responded like, ‘Hey, had a great time, but I'm not into it,’ then when we are ghosted, some of us aren't left wondering.

I have a friend that's been ghosted a few times and she's always left wondering, or the guy will message her weeks later to meet again and then she's confused.

We also work in the same building, so it’s a bit awkward and I avoid running into him.”“I would prefer to be told the person isn't interested.

I think with texting and social media, it has made it become very easy to be ghosted.

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