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Shannon Sossamon does admirably as the confused girl rooming with a slut, doing drugs, but wanting to stay pure for the man of her dreams.It is this conflicting nature that runs rampant throughout each character's existence.The dry, cynical humor prevalent in another Ellis adaptation, American Psycho, carries through here as well.Without so much satire from that film, Rules reaches an absurdity at times that makes you think back to your college days and the craziness and emotional stupidity you remember seeing from those surrounding you. Sean Bateman is the younger brother of depraved Wall Street broker Patrick Bateman.He's also a drug dealer who owes a lot of money to "fellow" dealer Rupert Guest, as well as a well-known womanizer, for he sleeps with nearly half of the female population on campus. She's saving herself for her shallow boyfriend, Victor Johnson, who's left the States to backpack across Europe. A Girl Like You Performed by The Wolfgang Press (as Wolfgang Press) Written by Michael Derek Allen, Mark Cox and Andrew Keith Gray Published by Universal-Polygram International Publishing, Inc. Courtesy of 4AD By Arrangement with Warner Special Products See more » After viewing The Rules of Attraction, one can definitely see how Roger Avary and Quentin Tarantino were friends.Little scenes like seeing a suicide being lifted into an ambulance, students crying all around, with a girl hitting on one of the police officers in the foreground are brilliant.Avary makes the viewer never take a break as there is no telling what he/she might miss.

Paul Denton, who used to date Lauren, is openly bisexual and attracted to Mitchell Allen, who's dating Candice to prove to Paul that he's not gay. Tarantino took all the credit for those two movies, basically striking Avary out of Dogs completely and only giving him story credit for Pulp.

Unfortunately it has not been released in its full form and Glamorama has been removed from Avary's slate of upcoming films.

Either way, The Rules of Attraction allows for the hope that we will see more Ellis-based films.

The matter-of- fact nature in which the sequence is narrated during its quick cut montage is great.

Supposedly this footage was edited into a bridge film called Gliterrati, to connect Rules to a future film adaptation of Ellis' Glamorama.

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Multiple uses of rewind, spilt screen, and the re-showing of events could have been a drastic failure of cheap trickery with less able hands.

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