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DEV = Developer- the programmers and team that create the game. COD = Cash on delivery, this is used when items are sent with the mail.LS = Light side DS = Dark side APAC = Asia Pacific Mando = Mandalorian (some Bounty Hunters are Mandalorians but not all, Mando has also been suggested to mean Commando). Usually said to a winning team or one that put up a valiant or enjoyable fight. Good for trading items when players are not online at the same time.You the bot and a companion run through the Flashpoint. VM - Veteran Mode (formerly known as Tactical Mode): middle ground of this content.Designed for any four characters to complete (although they can be completed with Player Characters replaced by companions).

AC = Advanced Class (every class has two paths) Spec = Specialization (the discipline tree your character plays) Min IL 216 = Minimum Item level this group leader will accept for a invite to content (in this example 216).With regard to Uprisings: SM - Story Mode: easiest mode of this content.Designed for any four players to complete (although they can be completed with Player Characters replaced by companions).LAG / Latency = The time it takes for information to travel between the computer and the server.Higher latency can be experienced as the game being slow to respond or not respond at all.

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