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The employees were told exactly what to do, and they did it quite happily.It was a major relief actually, because the software told them precisely what to do step by step.The problem was the quality of the fast food experience. They had courteous and thoughtful crew members, clean restrooms, great customer service and high accuracy on the orders.

Then we will clean the women's restroom." And so on.The software was also attached to the time clock, so it knew who was working in the restaurant.Manna also had "help buttons" throughout the restaurant.Small signs on the buttons told customers to push them if they needed help or saw a problem.There was a button in the restroom that a customer could press if the restroom had a problem. There was a button near each cash register, one in the kiddie area and so on.

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These buttons let customers give Manna a heads up when something went wrong.

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