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And in this past year, we saw Dynamics CRM Online seat additions more than double year-over-year, driving overall Dynamics revenue growth.

This year Microsoft and Linked In announced our agreement to join forces to connect the world’s professional cloud and the world’s professional network – creating new experiences and new value for users.

Dear shareholders, customers, partners, and employees: I’m proud of the progress we’ve made as a company this past year and excited about the opportunity for even more progress in the year ahead.

Nowhere is digital transformation more evident than how we live and work today. We are on more teams, both inside and outside the company.

Your data, apps, and settings – all of your content – roam with you across your computing experiences. To be successful amid the explosion of data, people need analytics, services, and agents that use intelligence to help them manage their scarcest resource – time.

Finally, trust is the foundation upon which everything we do is built.

People still do important work as individuals, but collaboration is the new norm, so we build our tools to empower teams.

We aspire to help everyone be productive no matter where they are, regardless of the device they use.

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