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I was recently reminded of that first time my celibacy became an issue for me as an adolescent when I read that Tim Tebow and Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, , saying they never even dated in the first place, the story raises an interesting question: If one person is abstinent and the other person isn't, is abstinence always a deal-breaker? suggest as much as 12.3% of women and 14.3% of men between the ages of 20 and 24, and 5% of men and women between 25 and 29, have never had sex.In light of these stats, it's not totally uncommon for sexually active people to find themselves dating someone who is abstinent.

"My lack of desire to be an evangelical Christian was a major reason we broke up." The fact that they didn't have sex, Ross said, "wasn't that big a deal" at the time.

Prior to dating him, she had fooled around with other boys, but she'd never had penetrative sex.

After telling him she wanted to go on the birth control pill, he revealed that he was abstinent because of his faith. "I knew he was Christian but I wasn't fully aware how devoted," she said.

"The only abstinent thing we did was avoid fucking, and of course feel guilt whenever we made each other splooge," he said.

among young adults in the Christian community, particularly for young women who might later renege on their abstinence pledges.

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