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Men are great at fulfilling a specific job description.” I find this to be very true of my husband who is definitely not a self-starter on the chores front.Of course everyone is different, but usually one person in the relationship is more aware of the housework then the other.Maybe you have slipped into doing everything yourself because “it’s just easier.” Check in with one another and adjust your plan according to your lifestyle.This will prevent frustration from piling up and help you to settle on a plan that works for both of you.

Tension around cleaning the house is most typically a result of adjusting to living with someone else and adapting to each other’s different habits, standards, and expectations.Either way, it’s not needy or nagging to politely ask your spouse for help.One of my favorite scenes from the movie wrong to ignore your partner’s needs and make them feel like those needs are absurd or don’t matter.It turns out a little thing like chores has a major impact on young married couples’ day-to-day happiness.According to one study, more than a quarter of young couples report that they argue about the housework several times a month.

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