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There are uncountable variations of the regular wedgie, and this is a list of a few. Arm-Leg Connection One person pulls near their leg while one pulls on their legs.

All Around Wedgie: The victim's underwear is pulled up from all sides. Atomic Wedgie: The victim's underwear is pulled up so that it goes over the victim's head or is completely ripped off.

Overalls Wedgie: The victim has overalls on, or is forced to put on overalls.

the straps are made as tight as possible, then the victimm is hung by the overall straps to create any variant of hanging/dangling wedgies.

Frontal Wedgie: A wedgie in the front Hanging Wedgie: A wedgie where the victim is high off the ground.

☀ Jet Ski Wedgie: The victim is given a dragging wedgie, but across the surface of water.

Jock Lock Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie with their feet pulled through the legholes of their underwear.

No Pants Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie with no pants on, exposing their bare butt.

Elevator Wedgie: Have someone hold the victim down, then grab their underwear, go into the elevator and go up.

Also, in another episode Luke says he no longer wants to where a Superman costume for Halloween as the tights will give him a wedgie.

In another episode, Ravi Ross says he wants to reduce his wedgie ratio to one per fortnight.

Kellaway and Doyle when they are in pursuit of him, along with numerous villains and anyone else who might fall prey to his antics.

In Disney Channel's Jessie, Luke Ross dates a girl and his sister Emma Ross tells him that the girl's ex is going to wedgie him and everyone will see his Superman underwear.

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