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Jackson*, a sophomore at York University, took a weekly culinary class where he met his former girlfriend.“I was surprisingly not too bad at cooking but my cute partner was awful at it.In the digital age, a prospective date could be a swipe or click away.Given the plethora of dating apps and sites that exist to help you find that special someone, it’s not difficult to filter and browse through the profiles of other people who are similarly looking for a relationship.It’s a sure-fire method of meeting like-minded students.When college clubs are actively recruiting new members, be sure to collect more information by talking to club representatives.

“Since we’re both highly competitive and previously on the debate team in high school, we hit it off instantly,” she says.Apparently, she was also a regular and just as enthusiastic about it so I wanted to get to know her and eventually asked her out.” When it comes to first dates, Aaron suggests going on a hike or stopping by an artisan bakery cafe.“Going out for coffee or a movie is a little too typical so instead, I’ll schedule a date late afternoon to get some dessert together if she has a sweet tooth.” He says that hikes by the lake or at a park are another neat date idea as “you’re both surrounded by nature and there are fewer distractions.” Basically, creating a unique and memorable experience increases the likelihood they’ll say yes to a second date.I had an awesome time making the dish with him and talking over dinner.” She suggests that both men and women take turns planning dates “because that way, there isn’t pressure placed on any one person to be responsible for coming up with fun date ideas.” Also, you get to see what type of person they are through the kind of activities they plan.Unless you want to serial date, Tinder - which has become synonymous with hook-ups - may not be the best option if you’re hoping for a long-term relationship.

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Natalie*, a freshman at Seneca College, went on several prearranged dates that were organized by friends.

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