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As he is heading away on holidays in a few days, we've decided to meet for a drink..there is one small problem. I probably should have taken this into consideration when deciding to write this column but the very idea of meeting up with a guy I don’t know to make polite small talk sends me into a cold sweat.

To me, the first date is an obstacle course of embarrassing, uncomfortable awkwardness.

For fun I love to go dancing to go dinner with a special someone.

Candles and soft music I am a real romantic at heart. View profile Favourite Send message Send a smile - it's free!

Commonly found there are people with fetish for uniforms, BDSM, role playing, spanking – almost anything goes here.

But, I had certainly expected it to take longer than a few weeks.Over the years, I've spent large portions of nights out helping my mates hide when last weekend’s conquest walks into the bar, strolling straight into ex-boyfriends while cosying up on a promising date and realising while in various states of undress that the guy I had brought home was actually my friend’s brother/flatmate/ex.So, now that I'm living in a city that it is home to millions of people, I was looking forward to carrying on my love life with reckless abandon, happy in the knowledge that if I ended up drunkenly scoring someone on a Friday night, I could kick them out the door the next morning and never worry about running into them again. In last week’s column, I filled you in on my initiation into Tinder and setting up my first date with a fetching American doctor.In a new weekly feature, goes behind enemy lines to see what it's really like to be single in Ireland.From speed dating to making speedy escapes, our no-holds-barred blog will follow one girl's attempts to venture into the dating jungle, play the field and share any wisdom that she finds along the way!

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