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In Britain, average weight of adult male is around 6.5kg (14 lbs), while adult females are approx. The global range for adults is 3 – 16kg (6.6 – 35lbs). Larger animals (20kg / 41 lbs or more) have been reported, but remain unverified.The largest confirmed specimen was a dog fox shot on a farm near Aberdeen, Scotland, during 2012, weighing 17.2kg (38 lb. Colour: Highly variable; can range from yellow-red to black (‘silver’).Most common characteristic is white chin and underside with white tip to the tail and amber eyes.Four main colour phases (Red, White, Silver and Cross), which are genetically inherited.

Content Updated: 5th August 2014 Welcome to Speed Read!May lie up in vegetation or in sunny spots (such as on shed roofs or in trees). (500 – 1,500 acres), extending to 4,000 ha (10,000 ac.) in poor Scottish Highlands.Urban foxes tend to forage over smaller areas; less than 60 ha (150 ac. Territories often composed of two areas; larger (home range) area containing a smaller (core area) territory. Independent by 3 to 5 months; family unit often breaks down from September onwards, with males more prone to dispersal than females.Activity: Predominantly crepuscular and nocturnal (active at dusk, night and dawn); can be seen diurnally (daytime) lying in thick vegetation or patrolling territories – diurnal activity may be more common in urban environments, and during cub-rearing months in more rural spots.Dens: Use dens (or “earths”) predominantly during cub-rearing months, although may be used outside this period particularly in bad weather. Territory: Substantial variation by habitat (resource-based). Rural foxes commonly have territories between 200 and 600 ha.

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