Adult webcam role playing ideas

Then, tie the clothespins along a piece of twine, leaving about four inches or so between clothespins.

The result, called a "zipper" or "zip strip," is a series of clothespins that can be clamped in a row along your partner's body--for example, on your partner's belly, up along your partner's body, over your partner's breast, and on your partner's nipple.

Run the twine through a pully in the ceiling, and attach a weight to the other end.

Clamp the clothespin on your partner's nipple (or any other suitable place!

), and have your partner hold the twine in his or her teeth, so that if your partner lets go, the weight will fall and pull the clothespin off. A pair of chopsticks and a couple of rubber bands can also be used to make improvised clamps.

But you don't want to do anything your partner hates, either.An electric toothbrush makes a wonderful sex toy when used on a clitoris...A bamboo skewer of the type used in the kitchen is quite an interesting sensation toy when it's used on a bound and blindfolded person.To do this, you'll need a plain unlubricated condom and the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of paper towels.Cut the cardboard tube lengthwise, then close it into a cylinder that's as wide as you want the dildo to be, and tape it.

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