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But he was also (at times, anyway) a person in the world like anyone else.

He liked to send goofy Internet memes to his friends. He rode his bike a lot, went to the hardware store, called old friends late at night.

Because I'm short, I'm five three…and he's shorter than me. He's somehow I remember taking him to the hardware store in my camping van. And we go to Ace Hardware—it's snowing and freezing—and I say, "Okay, Prince, you stay in the car." So I'm picking stuff up in the aisles, I look over, he just cruises by in a turtleneck sweater and his fuzzy boots, and people are looking like, "Oh my God, Prince is in the hardware store!

" He comes and finds me and he's got a handful of crap—like, "Can we buy this? " He says, "It's out there—it's just running." I said, "Prince, you can't leave the car running—somebody could just steal the car." He said, "This is Chanhassen—nobody's gonna steal the car." So we get out to the car and sure enough it's out there, just running, smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

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He was a legend, a virtuoso, one of the true gods of music.

So the first thing I was taken aback by, and a lot of people are taken aback by, is his size.Misty Copeland _(principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre; appeared in a Prince video and live performances): _He never called from a number you'd recognize, so you'd never know it was going to be him.Loved to speak in different accents—British and French…everything. to Minneapolis and went home long enough to shower, threw on a baseball cap, jeans, sweatshirt, and drove over to the studio. Gwen Stefani: The first time I met him, this is my memory: He was wearing an all-purple velour jumpsuit with the collar that goes up, kinda like an Elvis jumpsuit. He was such a cool, amazing guy that just never turned off.Then he sent a meme of himself wearing glasses, saying, "She thinks I need a tan." He made it. I'd know it was from him because it would all be in caps. He just sees it as: That's his way of doing stuff. He's like, "Oh, remember when so-and-so came to the concert and she stole my maracas? He liked memes of him when people take his face and write captions on his pictures. One, he had a duck face on, and it was how light-skin dudes roll dice or something. He found me online when I was 18 years old, and he reached out to me to direct his music video, "Breakfast Can Wait." From the very beginning, Prince wanted to go through everything through me, as respect to a parent, even though [Danielle] was 18 years old at the time. After I finished singing, I didn't want to get off the stage and Prince grabbed the mic and was like, "Okay, stop taking my shine! Then [Prince] started dancing with her, and then he took her up to his private office upstairs. He did things that were almost like something from a fairy tale. The next week, he came back and asked me again, and this time I said, "Wait a minute—don't leave before I answer you." And I told him: "Yes." And then he walked away. As soon as I landed, a purple limo was waiting outside.I'm, this is so interesting, because he's Prince and he has 200 people on this forum, and for me as a You Tuber those are ridiculously low numbers—for me, a good forum is 20,000 people. So that's what drew me close to him, because to be honest with you, that's the one person that's given me the most respect in the industry. [One] day, Brianna was at a Harley-Davidson fashion show, about to perform Etta James's "At Last," and he asked if he could watch. A week goes by and he goes, "Hey, you guys want to come to Paisley Park? And he's, "Bring Brianna with you." We got there at 10, 11 o'clock at night and the band is rehearsing, 25, 35 members, horns and everything, and then all of a sudden he says, "Brianna, go rehearse—you're opening for me tomorrow." Then they started playing "At Last."Brianna Curiel: My heart was racing. " It was the best experience, like, I could ever ask for. with me invited me to Prince's house for dinner. Afterward, we all went to a club and he kind of whispered, asked me if I would dance with him when a good song came on. Anyway, every time he did a step I would follow him, and he noted that I could keep up with him. Prince saw me and he tapped me on the shoulder, and he says, "Hi…I would like for you to be in my band." And I kind of blushed, and before I could pull my head up he disappeared. He wasn't there, but he called and he said, "Do you have a lot of clothes?

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And he seemed so down-to-earth, very normal—not weird like everybody says. Danielle was actually holding up the phone the whole time while she was singing the song. I was, "Oh my God, oh my God." Like, I was about to open up for Prince. I always said: If he ever saw me dance, he would love the way I dance. " He made a kind of sarcastic comment, said, "I'm gonna have my brother take you shopping." He specifically said what he wanted it to be: "I want you to buy something white—a white dress or white leggings and a top." So we're on a mad hunt in a little tiny mall in Minneapolis for something white.

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