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We were born with the vocation for business - especially if made by travelling - and we cannot do without the pleasure of taking flight towards unknown destinations.To help you reach the goals you desire, we have learnt to build a choice of services that is most in line with your business, escorting you step by step at every operational stage. We feed your curiosity by continuing to explore the world that surrounds us: we are always ready to walk towards new destinations leading to innovation, growth and evolution, committing to offering the consultant approach that pre-empts your needs.ACI has built an integrated system that ranges from the insurance sector (SARA) to tourism (Ventura), from road assistance (ACI Global) to ITC services (ACI Informatica), from traffic engineering (ACI Consult) to infomobility (Radio Traffic), to the management of motor racing tracks (Lainate, Vellelunga).it Kel 12 Travel is the new company comprising Ventura Spa and Kel 12, one of the most qualified and sought after tour operators in the Italian travel sector.The instant international scaling-up of our business positions Airtrade ideally to serve cross-border and global clients”, says Wim Butte.The integration of the international activities of into the Netherlands-based Airtrade delivers economic and organizational synergies to AERTi CKET, in the areas of IT as well as contracting.Vayama is an online travel agency uniquely focused on international air travel.

Circle is the travellers’ club reserved to collaborators of BCD Travel client companies.The Ventura team can now count on more than 300 collaborators spread over five branches.We have reached the current setup spread out between Milan, Florence, Treviso, Turin and Guardiagrele in 2015, following the acquisition of Seneca's business travel sector and brand.The Travelgood brand is a guarantee of professionalism and innovation, with an offer in keeping with the market and with the needs of our final contacts.Thanks to GDS solutions, ticket office and hotel booking engines, we offer assistance and support options that are unique on the Italian market scene.

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