Am i dating someone who is bipolar

The process that my husband must go through in order to overcome his mental weaknesses enough to serve society in the way he does takes quite a toll on me, his main source of daily support. It can be difficult to try to explain to my best friends from childhood that my husband truly does not mean to make me cry at family occasions and during holidays.Ex-boyfriends have physically confronted my husband about some of the things that he has said about me in public because of his bipolar disorder.He says very romantic things, which is another reason why I had to lock it down.Part of the reason that I married him was that he let me know exactly how debilitating his condition was.This is exactly why I would like to focus on the difference between dating someone with a mental disorder and someone who has the potential to abuse you and possibly end your life.If you are dating someone with a true mental disorder, then that person should first be aware himself of his problem.

Few descriptions of this person ever describe his mental condition; however, psychology tells us that if a person is tall, dark and handsome, the halo effect that we ascribe to him will automatically include intelligence, wit and mental stability.Once I got over needing to have a cartoon as my life partner, I found the love of my life in a package much different than the Disney caricature.Believe it or not, I actually met my husband at an AA meeting.Before we go into the reasons that this is difficult, we must go first into the character traits that made me want to marry him despite his mental disorder.The spirit that I saw in this man as he dealt with his bipolar disorder was unshakable.

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Bipolar disorder is described as a set of behaviors that fluctuate wildly without any external provocation.

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