Are chris harrison and emily maynard dating

Sean rallies and uses his one-on-one time with Emily to make out and talk about how much his family will love her, while Chris gets all bitter and whines yes again about how disappointed he was not to get a one-on-one date. Jef wins extra points by running back "on the sly" and purchasing a pint-size one for Ricki (who we're going to assume is still back in Charlotte this week). Then their puppets make out, and they make out, too.

Em thinks that Jef would make a great dad because "he's just a big kid himself." Right ... It's unclear how many times they had to film that sequence to make it work.

(Sh*t just got real.) Chris tells the men to "Go find your hotel! Arie gets the first one-on-one date, and while he's primping, Chris looks at the camera with his angry/jealous face. After a little making out -- "I like to kiss Arie," states Em -- they go over to some statue where they rub a dog that represents loyalty.Em is pleasantly surprised but worries Sean will get in trouble. Doug and Emily have some alone time to chat, but Doug crosses his arms and sits at least a foot away from her.He thereby proves himself unable to show any affection and all but ensures his exit from the show.Chris (not Harrison) realizes he's been a whiny, angry baby all week and starts to panic. John "Wolf" is overly confident, which is never a good sign on reality TV. Before Emily can say the final name, Chris breaks down and asks to speak with her. Chris just interrupted a rose ceremony," says Arie. Chris tells Em he's falling in love with her and apologizes for being terrible. ELIMINATED: A very shocked John "Wolf" keeps it classy and leaves for the airport in a strange vintage car.

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So maybe because the final three was spoiled in real time (something that’s never happened before), production had to change things around to not make it obvious.

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