Are elle fanning and joel courtney dating

They’re not tightly controlled Disney kids, nor are they out-of-control Lindsay Lohans, and they’re more likely than either of those types to make interesting, offbeat choices of roles.

Fanning has what Abrams calls an “other-speciesness”: an almost eerie understanding of how to play a character. Tall for her 13 years – “I grew seven inches in two years”, she tells me proudly – she towers over a lot of adult leading actors, but she has the Bambi-like gawkiness of someone growing into their body.She comes in and goes, ‘I know you wore that.’ How did she know?” This autumn, Dakota is heading off to Gallatin, an arts college at New York University.Fanning’s met, and liked, a couple of this gang, but they don’t hang out together regularly.She does have at least one extremely close actress friend, though: her 17-year-old sister, Dakota.

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