Argon argon dating technique

If so, too much time would be required for the deeper heat generated to reach the surface.

However, Germany’s Deep Drilling Program found that variations in radioactivity depended on the rock type, not depth.

But molten rock produced during the flood (and therefore under water and pressure) would not have been able to release its dissolved [Response: This 66% proposal is ridiculous, because argon, a large atom, is easily trapped between mineral grains and within crystal structures.

Indeed, the potassium-argon dating method is used, because solids retain argon over long periods of time.] Figure 18: Lightning Frequency.

Z-pinching from the powerful electrical surges produced superheavy elements.

Because they were all too proton-heavy, they quickly fissioned into thousands of isotopes, including radioactive isotopes. Therefore, they only use the potassium-argon dating technique on rock that was once molten.

Although it is unlikely that all radioactivity is concentrated in earth’s top 4.68 miles, radioactivity may decrease with depth, allowing even more time (consistent with the great age of the earth) for that deeper heat to flow to the surface.[See See Figure 18.] For centuries after the flood, warm oceans and heavy precipitation (explained on page 134) would have generated even more frequent and severe thunderstorms.As lightning strikes passed down through the thin layer of uranium ore, bremsstrahlung radiation U, enough for uranium deposits to “go critical” if other factors were favorable.The various scales (such as time, temperature, and size) required—for example, in and around stars hundreds of thousands of times more massive than earth—are so large that experimental support for chemical evolution is necessarily limited.Experiments using particle colliders allow investigation of the interactions of subatomic particles traveling at very great speeds.

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