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First and foremost, speed dating eliminates pressure – pressure of giving out your phone number even when you don’t want to, pressure of avoiding awkward pauses in conversation, pressure of telling your life story to a stranger you just met.You won’t get stuck with the date that never speaks or the date that talks non-stop, because every date just lasts a few minutes.Since then, speed dating has spread across the globe.Most speed-dating events specify a certain cultural background, religion, or age group as a requirement to participate.If two participants have written down each other’s names, the event organizer will forward the contact information to both parties.(The idea is that the participants will not feel pressure to accept or request contact information face to face.) The first organized speed-dating event took place in 1998 in Beverly Hills, California.That way, you both will get ample time to divulge and learn information about one another. Speed dating is all about first impressions; simply trust your instincts about those you meet. In speed dating, only you are the best judge of who is right for you. Stitch is currently organizing speed-dating events in select areas.In the end, this will make your decision process much easier! Now that you are fully prepared for your next speed-dating extravaganza, you are probably asking yourself, ‘Where can I find a speed-dating event near me? If you would like to be notified about when and where future events will be taking place, make sure to sign up to receive the Stitch newsletter.

Speed dating might seem simple, but there are four tips you should consider before embarking on your next speed-dating adventure.For this reason, they benefit from quick dates; they know what questions to ask, and after just a few minutes, they can usually tell if there is potential for a relationship, romantic or non-romantic.Needless to say, adults over 50 have hopped onto the speed-dating bandwagon and have come out victorious.If your date seems to be talking about him or herself for far too long, try to chime in with a relatable experience you have had or an interest you have in common.On the other hand, if you find that your date is asking too many questions, simply reverse the same questions back onto him or her.

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If any disagreements arise, simply avoid them by politely changing the subject.

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