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Inc.; Alca Industries Corporation; Alda Associates, Inc.; Alda Communications Corp.; Alexis Kirk Inc.; Alfred I.

Clark & Sons, Inc.; A-American Leasing Corporation; A-One Security, Inc.; A-Quality Muffler Centers, Inc.; A-36 Corporation; AAA Paperboard Products Co.; AARCO Enterprises Inc.; Aardvark Ltd.; Abbey Resort Communities, Inc.; Abbey-Two, Inc.; ABD Consultants, Inc.; Abe Bass, Inc.; Abitibi Asbestos Corporation; ABS Institute; Academy Royale Theatre, Inc.; Access Construction, Inc.; Accredited Leasing Corp.; Acome Trading Corp.; Acquisition & Merger Institute, Inc.; Actane Gas Company; Active Tank Painting, Inc.; Actors Information Services, Inc.; Ad-Vantage Advertising Company; Ad/Mark, Inc.; Ada Hating Works, Inc.; Adam David Company; Adam David International Sales Corp.; Adams Lime and Gravel Co.; Advance Container Corp.; Advance Investment Development Corporation; Advance Purification Corp.; Advance Rotodyne, Inc.; Advanced Electronic Service Corporation; Advanced Software Resources, Inc.; Advanced Systems Techniques, Inc.; Advantage, Inc.; Adventures in Salesmanship, Inc.; Aero Tech Laboratories, Inc.; Aero-Tech, Inc.; Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.; Aerotronics, Incorporated; Afrik Pharmaceutic& Laboratories, Inc.; Afro Services, Ltd.; Ag-Met, Inc.; Agcom Inc.; Agmac Inc.; Agora-Terra, Inc.; Agricultural Resources Corp.; Agrilease, Inc.; Agro Industries Inc.; Agrotechny Inc.; AH Marketing Corp.; AH-R, Incorporated; Ainwick Properties, Inc.; Air Propulsion Industries, Inc.; Air Transport Holding Corp.; Air-Cushion Industries Incorporated; Air-Dry Corporation of America; Airexec, Inc.; Airline Captains Associates Management, Inc.; Ak-Sar-Ben Group, Inc.; Al-Crete Corporation; Alameda Corporation; Alarm World, Ltd.; Alban Park, Inc.; Alban Tractor Co.

Co.; G & P Furniture Manufacturing Corp.; G & W Construction Co.; G II R, Inc.; G.

Inc.; Belair Financial Corporation; Belgian Gospel Mission, Inc.; Bell and Howarth Corporation, The; Bell Rock Island, Inc.; Belmotronics, Inc.; Belvedere Corporation, The; Benay Cable Inc.; Benecom Corp.; Benge Corporation, The; Bennet & Associates, Inc.; Ber-Way Marketing, Inc.; Bergere's Restaurant, Inc.; Bero Engineering and Construction Corporation; Berry, Inc.; Best Yet Foods, Inc.; Bait Chemicals Incorporated; Better Administration of .

Corporation; B & W Horsepower, Inc.; Babcock Overhead Door Co., Inc.; Back Publishing and Sales Co., Inc.; Back Gammon Unlimited, Incorporated; Baensch Capital Corporation; Bahama Islands Diversified Incorporated; Bakerlyn, Ltd.; Baking Enterprises Inc.; Balanced Investment Dynamics, Inc.; Balanced Investment Securities Company; Baldwin Gardens, Inc; Baltimore Consolidating Association, Inc.; Baltimore Electronics Associates, Inc.; Bamberger and Robbins, Inc.; Bang Burgler Alarm Co., Inc.; Banker's Courier Corporation; Bankers Trust Company; Banta Stores, Inc.; Bargain Shopper Corporation, The; Baries Co.; Barnard Southwest Associates, Inc.; Baron Industries Corporation; Barons Wearhouse, Inc.; Barr Leasing Ltd.; Barry's Int'l Ltd.; Basement, Inc., The; Basic Corp.; Basic Cosmetics, Ltd.; Bauer Engineering Asia, Ltd.; Baxter Shoe Outlet, Inc.; Bayfare, Inc.; BBI, Inc.; BCS, Inc.; Beach Drive Liquor Store, Inc.; Beach Grass Foundation, Inc.; Beauty Boutique, Inc.; Beaver Branch Farms, Inc.; Beaver Valley Nurseries, Inc.; Becker Columbian Club, Inc.; Bedrock Development, Inc.; Beitzell Construction Co.

Rice Insulating, Inc.; Howco Development Corp.; HSI of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Huddle Enterprises, Inc.; Hudson Pen Corp.; Hudson Supply & Equipment Co.; Huges (Overseas) Ltd.; Huljones Construction, Inc.; Human Dynamics, Inc.; Humanics of Delaware, Inc.; Hume-Spearing Company, Inc.; Hundred Management Corporation, The; Hup Industries, Inc.; Huron Valley Corporation; Hydiscount, Inc.; Hydro-Gro, Incorporated; Hydrocarbon Systems, Inc.; I.

Houston Baby Products, Inc.; Houston Corporation; Houston, White Co.; Howard H.

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