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If the CSA is ignoring you call us on 03456 588683. These then have to be backdated and whilst this frequently leaves you owed huge amounts of arrears these arrears can be extremely difficult to collect. It is important that the CSA carries out revised assessments speedily so that they are backdated for the shortest amount of time to ensure collection at a new maintenance figure as quickly as possible. You need information about the income of the parent who’ll be paying.Check the child maintenance rates before you use the calculator.There is a £20 fee for applying to the Child Maintenance Service.

If you’re trying to agree on an amount for your family-based arrangement, our calculator can give you an indication of the amount that you could expect to pay or receive.If you already have a case with the Child Support Agency (CSA) or the Child Maintenance Service and your circumstances have changed, contact the office managing your case.They’ll tell you if your child maintenance payments will change.The CMS will calculate a suitable child support amount upon application by either the resident or non-resident parent. Much like when you pay council tax, certain categories of people pay a reduced rate or are exempt from paying child support altogether.Exemptions and deductions You may be exempt or qualify for a reduced rate if you: Shared care If your children stay with you overnight, you may be entitled to a reduction of your child maintenance payments.

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Our expert family solicitors can review your case and provide a written report with legal advice on a fair settlement, based on your individual circumstances.

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