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The FBI and other law enforcement agencies already must obtain warrants for e-mail in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee, thanks to a ruling by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2010. You mount her with your dick rock hard and throbbing. and she just seductively said baby i love you and i was naked cus i woke up with my boy shorts under my ass and cum on my ass cus you jerked off on me last night you perv! and i realized she's lying anyway and my bro was just fucking her and i thought about it shut up smiled weirdly got hard and just slam fucked her .. then another time i came home and made it up stairs and my bro comes out my room and walks up to me like hey lets smoke i just went in there to ask you 2 to smoke i just woke up and he tried to pull me in his room and i was like no dude wait and i walked in my room and it seemed my girl had her shirt down? my bro was dressed but prob just had her get naked and fuck and suck him... She's barely legal yet just addicted to getting her ass fucked balls deep which turns me on so fucking much.

Leahy."It's an abrupt departure from Leahy's earlier approach, which required police to obtain a search warrant backed by probable cause before they could read the contents of e-mail or other communications.One obvious option for the Digital Due Process coalition is the simplest: if Leahy's committee proves to be an insurmountable roadblock in the Senate, try the courts instead. Supreme Court ruled that police needed a search warrant for GPS tracking of vehicles.Judges already have been wrestling with how to apply the Fourth Amendment to an always-on, always-connected society. Some courts have ruled that warrantless tracking of Americans' cell phones, another coalition concern, is unconstitutional. that's silly and i was like the doors slammed the bathroom doors open and your naked and i went up felt her twat and said your wet..An aide to the Senate Judiciary committee told CNET that because discussions with interested parties are ongoing, it would be premature to comment on the legislation. who has followed the topic closely and said he was speaking for himself and not his corporate clients, expressed concerns about the alphabet soup of federal agencies that would be granted more power: There is no good legal reason why federal regulatory agencies such as the NLRB, OSHA, SEC or FTC need to access customer information service providers with a mere subpoena.Marc Rotenberg, head of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said that in light of the revelations about how former CIA director David Petraeus' e-mail was perused by the FBI, "even the Department of Justice should concede that there's a need for more judicial oversight," not less. If those agencies feel they do not have the tools to do their jobs adequately, they should work with the appropriate authorizing committees to explore solutions.

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Leahy's modified bill retains some pro-privacy components, such as requiring police to secure a warrant in many cases.

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