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The food, which is mainly but not exclusively of the burger-type fare you would expect from the name, is surprisingly good and reasonably-priced.In a reversal of the usual stereotypes, the American wait staff can occasionally be brusque but the Germans are very friendly.KM36Karl-Marx-Allee 3610178 Berlin U-Bahn Schillingstr. KM36 is one of a new wave of Berlin bars that don't actually have names as such, with the before-mentioned abbreviation being used simply for convenience by regulars.You might question the wisdom of leaving punters to come up with their own makeshift moniker, but everything else about the bar is deftly done.Black and white photographs of some of its more photogenic patrons decorate the walls, and the old furniture lends the place a cosy atmosphere.Gorki Park Weinbergsweg 25 10119 Berlin Tel: 030 44 87 286 Rosenthaler Platz Russian-themed pub which — to its credit — seems to attract genuine Russians, who come for the borsch and the Baltika beer.Very popular with Berlin expats, the diminutive café is a cosy place where it's easy to make new friends.

The main reference point is an imagined Bukowskian America of tattoos, rockabilly, and hard drinking, which goes down very well in Berlin even if the macho posturing can be a little offputting at times (if it all gets too much for you, the very cosy and welcoming Café Rosa is just down the street).If she's not there in person, you can also see her depicted in one of the many paintings hanging on the wall. 56 10119 Berlin U-Bahn Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Trendy retro cocktail bar which often features DJs and live music.The bar itself is a rabbit warren of rooms connected by steps and corridors.Hopefully the vanguard of a future wave of hip Polish bars.Kaffee Burger Torstraße 6010119 Berlin Rosenthaler Platz/Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz A former GDR pub (the original state-approved price list is still on the wall), Kaffee Burger is pervaded by a eerie feeling of history; an acquaintance claims he feels the ghosts of dead drinkers there.

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