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You are welcome to link your web site to our page "Employee Etiquette" if it helps to spell out expected employee attitudes (smile).Together we can build better harmony and cooperation in the workplace. Office Etiquette Employer Etiquette Easy Computer Lessons Business Etiquette Can't find what you are looking for?Males had to be circumcised, sabbaths had to be observed, and people had to obey hundreds of dietary, social, and hygiene rules.All these regulations were intended to protect the Israelites from their neighbors' pagan influences, but no one could keep so many laws.To address the people's sins, God set up a system of animal sacrifices, in which the people provided cattle, sheep, and doves to be killed. Under the Old Covenant, those sacrifices were carried out at the desert tabernacle.God installed Moses' brother Aaron and Aaron's sons as priests, who slaughtered the animals. The New Testament describes the fulfillment of God's promise by Jesus Christ.

Altogether, there were 613 laws, covering every aspect of human behavior.

Out of love, God the Father sent his only Son, Jesus, into the world.

This New Covenant would resolve the problem of sin once and for all.

The Old Testament was a foreshadowing of the New, a foundation for what was to come.

Most people know the Bible is divided into the Old Testament and New Testament, but the word "testament" also means "covenant," a contract between two parties.

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Besides serving as the sacrifice, Jesus also became the new high priest (Hebrews -16).

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