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"I think [making changes] is something he loved doing, I think he’s obsessive about the game and that’s what he loved doing.” PGA Tour journeyman Pat Perez made waves this week by declaring that 14-time Major champ Woods “can’t beat anybody right now” and is struggling to remain “relevant”.

Lowry, understandably, was making no such outlandish predictions: "I’m not going to say his number’s up, I wouldn’t say anything like that. "[Perez] during the week came out and said some stuff and he got a bit of stick for it so I’m not going to say anything like.

"When the Masters comes around it’s very exciting," he beamed.

"Augusta is the best place in the world to play golf, it’s amazing.

Speaking exclusively to RTÉ Sport at the Irish Golf Expo in Citywest Hotel, Dublin, the Offalyman said: “Everyone just talks about Majors, people are obsessed with them.

“Now, obviously you want to win Majors – but, I think people in Ireland have just been spoiled with Majors over the last 10 years and that’s why Irish people are obsessed with them.

He has since had a stint under the tutelage of Sean Foley (2010-2014) while Chris Como was then brought in as a ‘swing advisor’ after a parting of ways with Foley.An innocuous round of golf with a certain Donald Trump saw the Holywood golfer receive some unfavourable remarks on social media and beyond.Lowry had sympathy for the predicament the world number three found himself in but, on a Six Nations weekend, he was eager to kick to touch on the subject of the polarising president."I don’t know what I can say about that because no matter what I say on this subject it’s going to be the wrong thing,” he said."If I was asked to play golf with Trump I don’t know what I’d do.

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