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We were in search of a local cafe, not some national chain.We wanted some place that would give us a sense of place.

Mix in the band’s improvisational nature—a four-minute tune could stretch into a 20-minute excursion—and the anticipation of what might be in store as the lights went down was truly something. What better way to spread the legend of an ever-shifting live show than by authorizing concert recording and setting the results loose for fans to collect and trade? He took a background in bluegrass and the blues and brought it to a psychedelic place, where his spacey, know-it-anywhere tone and stick-to-your-brain phrasings set him apart both from “guitar gods” of his era and the jam players of today.

After miles of searching, we found the De Soto Pharmacy in downtown Lake City.

It had an old style soda fountain and lunch counter.

Here you can read Kevin's personal thoughts from the road.

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