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we’re not really bothered either way, as long as you won’t be writing in and getting us tea, no biscuits with management.

Ask me again when I’m lay on a beach, sipping a cocktail on a three-day layover in the Caribbean, then yes, I LOVE my job! Some idiot has just had a go at me in business, all because I accidentally knocked into him with the trolley and the purser’s took his side. Fact of the matter is, whatever it is we’re apologising for, it probably isn’t our fault.And if it’s really bad turbulence, it’s probably the worst we’ve ever experienced too.But no matter how scared we are, our perfect, pearly white smile NEVER wavers. 7) “We don’t have any of that left” Well, first off all it depends what you’re asking me for.Here we count down the Top Ten lies your cabin crew WILL tell you whilst you’re onboard our aircraft.See how many you’ve already been told or have said yourself.

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