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I’ve never actually managed to go on a date with one.” After being strung along by a series of pen pals, Caroline, 32, has called time.

“I’ve got to the point where I’m like, so, James or Tim or whoever, it’s been nice telling you how I am every few days for three months, but, it’s over.

Even if someone’s first reason for joining Tinder was motivated by self-esteem, if a great connection smacks you in the face (well, screen), why not meet each other?

“Men fear they won’t live up to the image they’ve created online and want to avoid the rejection that could go along with that,” says Dr Johnson.

It was during their second month of Tinder texting that Lucy, a 25-year-old publicity manager, began to question things with english teacher Greg.

She knew so much about him that Wikipedia could have hired her to write his profile page.

She soon blamed constant busy schedules, school holidays, weddings and hangovers.Greg was a pen pal, like the faraway friends you’d write to as a child. To him, Lucy was an attractive app-quaintance and their flirtation began and ended with a ‘sent’ notification.She was stuck in the electronic age’s version of the dreaded dating friend-zone and she is one of many women on the receiving end of the guys doing it.Years ago, guys would take turns on the Game Boy or Play Station – now it’s Tinder. Guys will swipe right on women they think are out of their league on the off-chance they might be her type.When you get a hit, it has that jackpot effect, like a slot machine. OTD (Obsessive Tindering Disorder) is so compulsive that Chris, 27, felt some withdrawal symptoms from not using the app even when he started dating the woman he’d been pursuing for months.

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  1. Don’t take my swearing-off musicians as a warning, per se. They have intense relationships with their band mates that will be more important to them than the relationship they have with you. It’s a wonder anyone in a band has time for a romantic relationship given how much time they spend bickering with each other over big egos, women, money, and God knows what else. So handle with care: the sweet, sensitive guy who writes you love songs is also going to be sensitive about that nasty Pitchfork commenter. Your musician boo may not write songs about you, exactly, but about your relationship or love in general.