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If you have agreed to have screening for Down's syndrome, the dating scan and the screening will usually happen at the same time.Find out more about the combined screening test for Down's syndrome.

All that is worth knowing is that scans offer “metabolic imaging”, which detects differences in the metabolism of tissues.This scan is of a patient who underwent chemo and radiation for a stage III , and months later we see some collapsed lung and a lot of scarring, but we can’t tell where inflammation stops and cancer begins (heart again lighting up in center of picture): This is worrisome, but after chemo and radiation we often see very ambiguous changes that even can light up on scans is reliable enough to incorportate into treatment decisions.New technology can be remarkably promising, but we are struggling to have our knowledge and experience catch up with the capabilities of the new imaging machines.The contrast between these different shades of white, grey and black allows your sonographer to interpret the images. You will probably be give you a printout of your baby by the sonographer as a keepsake, it is important to remember the main purpose of the scan.It is not to provide the first photo for your baby album, or to find out your baby's sex.

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They don’t tend to be very reliable at determining whether pleural fluid has cancer cells, because those cells aren’t concentrated into a metabolically active cancer ball (not a technical term), but are diluted in fluid that is not very metabolically active. We can get useful information by having patients get both types of scans and holding them side by side, seeing if an ambiguous lymph node or spot in the liver on makes it nearly certain that this person has progression of her cancer inside the chest wall (she had previously had this found at surgery, and then responded well to chemo afterward, with no residual nodules on her scans until this one).

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