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But rather, we submit to this practice out of prudence.We know that the more we were regularly alone, the more we would to be alone–and very slowly and subtly, the world, flesh and the Devil could use this for evil.Courting couples strive after a genuine modesty and a perfect self-control in relation to expressions of affection, especially those that are physical. Exclusive physical expressions of love build accelerated attachments (especially for the woman), leaving either person vulnerable to heartbreak and pain, should the relationship end.To avoid the near occasion of sin and to preserve purity are two of the main reasons for this restraint. But, technically speaking, they are not the primary reasons. So to willingly pave the ground for potential heartbreak for your loved one, simply because you’re unwilling to mortify your desires for physical affection towards them (even if these expressions aren’t mortally sinful), is a sin against justice. Kissing, holding hands, and frequent embracing are obvious examples.Reframing dating in terms of courtship can help parents set healthy boundaries on teen dating.

It isn’t that, because we want our purity to be preserved until marriage, we’re afraid that we’d instantly fall into sin if left alone together somewhere.Objectively speaking, we don’t have the perfect courtship (though subjectively speaking, courtship are where God’s grace can pour through and help us in our journey to become saints, if only we permit it. The amount of love and the amount of time spent exclusively with one another doesn’t matter in this context.Perhaps courtship is best known for its outward appearance of restraint. Neither person has solemnly promised God to remain with the other person.Achieving a healthy and functioning balance of privacy while always being “chaperoned” is both possible and vital.The term courtship may sound as old-fashioned as bustles and buggy-driving.

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We aren’t alone together in the same room, and never alone in the car together. hilarious but true), or sitting outside while remaining in the sight of other people inside: all these things are fully possible, and are regularly done in our courtship. But some privacy needed to start building much-needed communication skills.

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