Cell phones dating violence

Of those, more than half of the victims said they were also physically abused.

Adults Are Doing It, Too It’s not surprising to Cameka Crawford, chief communications officer at The National Domestic Violence Hotline, to hear that teen abusers are increasingly using technology to harass their partners, considering the same is true among adult abusers.

Phones really are mini computers now and the same safety features you want to use to protect your computer you should also put into place for your phone.

I mean, I struggle with mine a little bit because I finally had to upgrade to a smart phone and I’m kind of old so you know, those two things don’t always mix but I’m getting there.On that same line of thinking, changing your email entirely is actually a lot safer but if you do, don’t make it an obvious or searchable name.For instance, if your name is Jane Doe and your email was Jane D before, don’t change it to JDoe, change it to Janeisnowfreefromherabusivepartner… Change it to something that doesn’t have your name in it at all. Whenever you use any account that you log into, you should always log out when you’re finished.Pain in the butt I know to have to log in every time but safer? Turn the Geo-locator (or equivalent) off on your phone.It is extremely easy to find someone using that feature and then you can map out their movements, figure out where they are living, watch them go to the coffee shop with a friend… Never open an email attachment from your ex unless you are absolutely certain you know what it is and what it’s for. This is one of the ways spyware gets installed on your computer and on your phone.

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