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Jane's latest ruse is a dangerous sting operation to catch art thieves.

An FBI agent from the art squad hits it off with Lisbon.

But if there had been any direct and explicit pressure on me to wear one, rather than just a general announcement, I would have been constrained to explicitly refuse to do what was being asked of me. In the future I will avoid meetings at which I know in advance, or I have a reasonable expectation, that there will be such stickers.

I am strongly opposed to this convention, I think it is ridiculous and offensive, and I am only thankful that, for now, it is only a convention and not a compulsion. It is not a compulsion for to wear a sticker, because I am privileged and basically indifferent as to whether I ever get invited to an academic event again.

It is in part for their sake that I feel the need to make explicit my opposition to this practice. If to be cisgender is to be such that your gender identity as you experience it matches with the gender identity you are assigned at birth, then I am not cisgender.

The fact that I do not feel this way is something very deep about my identity: the mismatch between what it is I feel I am, and what it is I feel I can expect others to recognise me as being.

This mismatch is philosophically interesting to me, and it is also an unhealing wound at the core of my identity.

The quality of my life is enhanced by not going to academic events, and reduced by going to them.

If I can't go because social pressure would require me to wear a sticker, well, .

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Jane says that he'll need about a week to set up the sting.

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