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Our new Act on Touch Interface now means you can simply click, drag or select any parameter using your finger (on a touch-screen device) or the mouse (on a PC or Macintosh) to change its value or select a related function.

Shown on the right are three control panels that use ATI. Click and drag up/down or left/right on any parameters to adjust its value.

Collectively we call these UI interractions Acton Gestures.

They apply to trigger, preview and main waveform displays too.

All parameter changes are immediate and real-time: you will see the result on the display as soon as you change them.

We value your feedback, it helps us improve this software, so please email [email protected] any bug reports or questions you have.

We're busy updating the DSO manual to describe all these new features in detail and we'll publish this soon.

Therefore, the BLM will not routinely defer leasing when waiting for an RMP amendment or revision to be signed.

The timeframe for parcel review for a specific lease sale is to be no longer than 6 months.

This will include adjudicating and creating the preliminary parcel list from all timely received EOIs and the other lands identified for leasing consideration in the NFLSS, recognizing there will be exceptions due to unforeseen circumstances, including delays associated with SMA consent.

Once submitted, the public can view all EOIs submitted to the BLM.

The EOI submitter can track its EOI status using the EOI-specific tracking number provided by NFLSS.

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The BLM accepts Expressions of Interest (EOI) in lands for potential leasing through the National Fluids Lease Sale System (NFLSS).

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