Christian and atheist dating

This is like turning around to sit down on a chair when you never actually verified that the chair was there in the first place.

At the exact same time, I believed a clearly mythological story with blind faith and nothing more to back it up than the fact that I knew deep in my heart that it was true.It’s the one thing religious people of all stripes can actually agree on, and it isn’t even true. My formative years of trial and tribulation didn’t weaken my faith in the least.In fact, it was because of these troubles that I spent many nights on my knees praying that I might not be like “those other Christians,” and that God would show me the path to becoming his choice servant.Then, I came to the realization that if I prayed to God for a given number of things, and I prayed to a rock for that same number of things, the chances are very good that the rock and God would answer roughly the same number of times. and after all is said and done, every God seems to answer in roughly the same proportion . ” That’s true, but it’s true for one very important reason: you can’t disprove something you don’t have proof of.Muslims pray to their God, Hindus to theirs, Catholics and Protestants to theirs, Wiccans to theirs . I can’t disprove leprechauns, or Bloody Mary, or ghosts, or Smurfs, or anything that I don’t first have proof of.

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