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In 2018, Boys Ero Award & Trans Ero Award will be organised in the same time with Ero Award, but with 2019 we intent to separate the 3 events so we can better focus on each group, keeping the open access for anybody to any of the 3 awards shows.

Spain is the opposite of Romania: In Romania, everybody knows about Live Cams, but (almost) nobody wants to do Porn!

For 2018 we come with a bigger promoters team and more diversified solutions to best promote Again, our main support for Ero Award 2017 came from the MODELS, who completely understood that the most important key for growing nowadays is PROMOTION! We remembered, so in 2018, we come with more categories for models as well as bigger and more diversified promotion for them!

While all the other awards events are mainly focused on companies, Our slogan for Ero Award 2018 is very clear: more fame & more money for the models from Porn, Live Cams, Glamour photos models or Social media stars.

The island is off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia and the film begins by following one man’s journey from his flight to the island, explaining that airport transfers and boat transfers are included in the price.

The man then boards a yacht where thong-bikini-clad woman dance and gyrate around him.

The third and fourth days will feature boat parties for 100 people.

A Colombian company who released an erotic video advertising a four-day sex and drugs holiday on a private island have had the clip removed by You Tube.

The film was produced to promote the Good Girls Company’s “sex island experience” which offers 30 men the chance to book a trip with 60 prostitutes available 24 hours a day.

The Awards Gala will be organised in Spain (Lloret de mar), on 16 June 2018, during the Cam - the Cam & Porn Summit (15-17 June 2018).

Yes, we are that award that you actually see it everywhere, using the smartest and most advanced marketing strategies!

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And although we define ourselves as INTERNATIONAL award & summit, we also heavily promoted and colaborated with the latin models, professionals & companies, especially from Spain & Colombia, to which we are the award who most categories dedicated them.

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