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Race riots, student riots, prison riots all indicate disintegration of social values and the need for reform at various levels. The dissolving end-time activity during this time will tend to work within a double Pisces energy period, i.e. Continuation of disruptive trends begun in previous phase, 1965 to 1980.

Pollution threatens to speed life and humanity towards extinction. Welfare begins a rapid rise that pushes many cities to the brink of bankruptcy. Revolutionary terrorism plagues America and Europe. Some researchers now say that we stand at the threshold of a sixth big, all-encompassing, mass extinction of life on earth.

It also affected South America, South Africa and Russia.

It also brought Japan, the worlds second strongest economy, to the verge of bankruptcy.

Global warming is now becoming a major ecological issue.

Rules peace and money: Beginning around 1994 police notice the beginnings of a universal drop in violent crimes. Late 1994 Mexico devalued the peso, a sound move that backfired. A couple of years later the Third World was gripped tightly in an economic breakdown known as the Asian Flu.Murder becomes a rite of passage for initiation into gangs. It has been said that during that period we had become the most violent civilization ever recorded in history.The violence of the last phase was more revolutionary (Aquarius rules revolution).At the same time that the Third World and Japan were on the verge of total collapse, the American stock market took off, soaring from 2000 points to over 11,000 in just a few years.Much of our success has been shown to be illusion (Pisces rules illusion). The world has moved into what economist Paul Krugman calls Depression Economics.

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Very little was accomplished because of this internal fragmentation.

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