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When launching an image viewing application via downloadexec you'll typically want to configure the application for single window/instance operation (if supported) - that way each downloaded image will be displayed in the same window instead of creating a bunch of separate windows.

Here are some sample command-line recipes for various popular image viewing applications.

If not specified the default is, which is the default for most Nikon cameras (although some of the newer cameras ship with a default of configure single-window mode go to Options - 'Only 1 instance of Irfan View is active'.Note that Irfanview doesn't support raw images so --downloadexec_extlist JPG is included in these sample command lines: 32-bit Windows: --downloadexec "C:\Program Files\Irfan View\i_view32.exe" /[email protected]@ --downloadexec_extlist JPG 64-bit Windows: --downloadexec "C:\Program Files (x86)\Irfan View\i_view32.exe" /[email protected]@ --downloadexec_extlist JPG Fast Raw Viewer - Microsoft Windows (link) By default Fast Raw Viewer operates in multi-window mode.Airnef supports Canon and Sony cameras as well, although Canon supplies its own excellent EOS Utility for wireless downloads. Airnef is written in the Python programming language and is distributed in both installable form (Windows and OS X, directory of binaries for Linux) and as a source tree that can execute on any platform supporting Python 2.7.x or 3.4.x.Airnef is two applications - a GUI front-end and a command-line app.

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This feature is accessed via the --downloadexec command option, which can be entered in the 'Additional Args' field of the GUI.

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