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With this solution, you'll end up with a normal pivot table, with none of the limitations.However, it's a bit tedious to set up, especially if you have more than a couple of tables.The zipped folder that contains the file, and the five sample data files.Unzip the folder, and keep all the files in the same folder.You can read more about MS Queries here: Instead of manually setting up a union query, you can use the code in a sample file from Excel MVPs, Kirill Lapin (KL), with amendments by Hector Miguel Orozco Diaz.Before you use the sample code, replace the sample sheet names with the sheet names in your workbook.When you open the file, enable macros to run the code.Pivot Table or Excel Table - Select two or more files which have lists in an identical structure, and the code in this workbook will automatically create a pivot table or Excel table from all the data.

Paste Destination:=Cells(last Cell, 1) last Cell = last Cell rng. key=0Au Sy DFZlc Rt Hd GJOSn Fw REot Rz Ff M28t WElp Z1Fa R2c#gid=0 Not sure if this completely helps, but I had an issue where I needed a "smart" merge. Pivot Table - The first example works on multiple files, which must have the data in identical structures, and you can read the instructions on my blog.To see Kirill's pivot table code, you can download the Pivot Workbooks example.You will get the following results: JUMP not just.....another great invention spell check that changes real words to different words.Man the next generation relying on these faulty technologies is going to be lost without a parachute.

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