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We reached out to Criss' camp, but they had no comment. we're told it's super serious, but Belinda's still got a ways to go when it comes to going pro in the magic world, judging by the vid.After weeks of speculation, we finally have confirmation about where this relationship stands.Angel did not take the allegations lightly and quickly tweeted at the show. "In my attorney's hands...#Fake News More to come." The next day, he followed up his tweet with, "The truth will set you free!Like magic, that story is gone..." But before Angel defended himself, Belinda came to his defence on Twitter by writing, "I want to clarify that what is being said about @Criss Angel isn't true, they want to damage his integrity which I also defend.#1Magician #Exciting #2019😲 XYp X I’ve done thousands upon thousands of shows in my career&tonight was the most memorable.My biggest inspiration @Paul Stanley Live of @KISSOnline attended.The two recently began dating and things are clearly getting serious because Belinda's been popping up in Criss' magic acts.We broke the story, Criss married baby mama Shaunyl Benson in 2014, but we're told they've divorced in October 2015.

That's when the two held hands and the star sang the remainder of the song to her. I'm calm, I am with my family, and at this very moment, I don't have a partner.Blessings to all," she captioned the tweet along with heart emojis.That tweet has since been deleted from the singer's account.In the beginning of the year, we saw a video of Belinda serenading Angel and his family at a holiday party. Lying about who you or who I am doesn't make it true.

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