Crush someone dating someone else

I’ve known Caleb longer than I’ve known my boyfriend.

We’ve always been a little flirty in a joking way, but we’ve never been single at the same time.

None of us would ever dream of acting on it, and I never have.

Isn't it nice to know that even though your SO is attracted to someone else, they would never DREAM of acting on it. This little trick has kept things HOT for ten years!

Having a crush on someone can fire up some serious sexual energy!

You’re obviously feeling uncomfortable with having a crush right now, but I think it’s possible to bring that energy back into your relationship.

It's completely normal if you are with someone longer than a couple of years.

You might be making the situation worse by beating yourself up unnecessarily.No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions remain anonymous.Now, onto this week’s topic: what to do when you have a crush on someone else and you're thinking about cheating.Is it normal to have a crush on someone while you are dating someone else? I guess I know being "attracted" to someone else is sometimes normal, but what about having a crush on another person (if you know you will never act on these feelings and you don't even want them)?The minute someone develops a crush on someone else while in a relationship, I would say that they should start looking deep into their relationship and figure out what is lacking that they would start crushing on someone else.

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