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It can be very stressful to keep an important secret from people you are close to.Family members may want to know how you were exposed to HIV.Many people fear that their relatives will be hurt or angry.Others feel that not telling relatives will weaken their relationships and may keep them from getting the emotional support and love that they want. Take your time to decide who to tell and how you will approach them. Remember, once you tell someone, they won’t forget you are HIV-positive.Here are some things to think about when you’re considering telling someone that you’re HIV-positive: It can be very difficult to disclose your status to sexual partners or people you shared needles with.Sooner or later in a relationship, it will be important to talk about your HIV status. It is best to have good communication about your child’s HIV status.Meet with the principal and discuss the school’s policy and attitude on HIV. Be sure to talk about your child’s legal right to confidentiality.

It can be difficult to decide whether to tell your parents, children, or other relatives that you are HIV-positive.You may want to tell your employer if your HIV illness or treatments interfere with your job performance.Get a letter from your doctor that explains what you need to do for your health (taking medications, rest periods, etc.). Tell them you want to continue working, and what changes may be needed in your schedule or workload.However, it is very important that they know so they can decide to get tested and, if they test positive, get the health care they need.The Department of Health can tell people you might have exposed, without using your name.

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