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The bold, serpentine and gripping storylines provided the exemplary cast with parts of a lifetime, with the most outstanding feature of Line of Duty undoubtedly the lengthy interrogation scenes as the tension was racked up notch by notch.

With the deaths of two of the most compelling characters, the bent copper “Dot” Cottan and the morally questionable Lindsay Denton, the programme’s fans may have worried about its future – but worry no more as two more series are in the pipeline. Columbo (1971- 2003) After Bing Crosby turned the role down, Peter Falk became synonymous with the cigar smoking, dishevelled police lieutenant in a shabby raincoat, winning four Emmys and a Golden Globe.

Over 199 episodes, the series followed Ironside and his team in his role as consultant to the Police Department as they sorted out the bad guys of the City by the Bay. Rebus (2000-07) Ian Rankin says he has never watched any of the television adaptions of his famously brooding, heavy drinking, loner detective because he didn’t want the actors’ faces replacing how he envisaged Rebus in his head.

Two actors have played Rebus on screen, John Hannah and Ken Stott.

There are subplots aplenty, and Mackey’s downfall plays out almost like a Shakespearean tragedy.

brought some iconic characters into the nation’s living rooms such as detective Charlie Barlow, PC “Fancy” Smith and desk sergeant Bert Lynch.

Viewers were gripped by the formula; that of each episode reflecting 24 hours in the same murder case, and by the cold-fish female detective protagonist Sarah Lund, while developing an almost fetishist fascination with her knitwear.

introduced one of the great small-screen detectives, recovering alcoholic Lennie Briscoe. The show’s boast was that many of its subject matters were “ripped from the headlines” and it was this approach that gave it a compelling topical feel and made it the longest-running American crime series and the benchmark for police procedurals. Line of Duty (2012-) An outstanding ratings success for BBC2, Jed Mercurio’s masterful police corruption thriller gripped viewers from the very beginning and kept them guessing until the explosive climax to the third series.

, as San Francisco Chief of Police Robert T Ironside, who is confined to a wheelchair after an attempted assassination.The police officers themselves were portrayed warts and all, with gritty subject matter, including domestic abuse at the hands of a police officer, at the heart of the storylines.The actors became household names with the iconic theme tune whistled on everyone’s lips, and of course there were the “Z” cars themselves, the American-style Ford Zephyr and Zodiac patrol cars.Oh, and just one more thing, as Columbo himself might say: although Columbo routinely spoke of his wife, she was never seen in any episode, but the character was later given her own, short-lived, spin-off show, is how it tells the story of the decaying city of Baltimore through the lives of the police, drug dealers, politicians, children and the dispossessed, making no moral judgements between good and bad in a predominately grey world.was a natural progression for co-creator Steven Bochno, who along with David Milsch came up with even grittier storylines, atmospheric New York locations and warts ’n all characters to create a hugely compelling and influential cop show.

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But let’s be honest, despite a terrific ensemble cast, Dennis Franz as scenery-chewing recovering alcoholic detective Andy Sipowicz, was virtually the whole show, appearing in all 261 episodes and in the process searing his psyche in viewers’ minds.

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