Dating a nigerian lady codifying and consolidating acts

It doesn’t mean that you wont be able to vocalize your opinion and let your desires be known however at the end of the day, the man leads.

People go into inter racial marriages for different reasons and there will always be a cultural shock when two people with different backgrounds come into a relationship.

Well I don’t mean that literally, but his family has a very big influence on him, most Nigerian men are tied closely to their parents and siblings, this even gets stronger if he is the first born of the family, as he will most likely have to sometimes provide financially for his parents and siblings.

You as a non-Nigerian, coming from a different family background and culture , you will probably have assumptions about how a family works, this assumptions are most likely not to work when you’re dating or married to a Nigerian man.

re you a foreigner in love with a Nigerian man or may be dating a Nigerian man?

Are you planning to move back to Nigeria with your newly wedded charming Nigerian husband ?

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