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The film was condemned by Dr Katy Sian, an academic who has spent 10 years studying what she has called the “forced conversions narrative” - the idea that Muslim "predators" are lurking on university campuses ready to lure vulnerable Sikh females into Islam.

After Mr Robinson told his 377,000 Twitter followers “Had an [sic] brilliant night in Huddersfield …

The more traditional way of saying this is that as Sikhs we are encouraged to live the ‘grisht’ lifestyle, that of the householder.

There is nothing contradictory in having a spouse, job and children, and also being spiritually elevated.

After she is rescued with the help of a Sikh Youth UK member, the film also appears to show a group of Sikh men taking violent vigilante action against the Muslim groomers.

They beat up one man and bundle him into the boot of a car, before going to the groomers’ shared house armed with knives, a baseball bat and an axe to attack the Muslim men inside.

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