Dating a sociopath part 1

Then we would stay out, black out, order late night pizza, and wake up in our clothes..would often be late for work. Some facts I ignored were this: he didn't have a credit card, he was a slob, he had drugs in his freezer, his phone would sometimes be turned off without warning, he would disappear for 24-48 hours at a time, he never wanted to hang out with my family or friends, he had all of these "friends" that he would buy drinks for and pretend to be rich for and never knew their last names, he was best friends with a man who was recently divorced with several children and a complete cocaine addict, he had a family friend around his age check in on him daily (like make sure he was alive and had food), and everyone seemed really worried about him...

At the same time they were ALL super happy that we were dating......

I wanted to float through my reality, too, to numb my self-esteem issues and silence my self-doubt.

She is the type of person who is extremely competitive, always out for herself, and likes to see other people fail. I remember asking her if Socio was alright and she told me he was.....another prime example of not trusting my instincts. At the time, I guess I liked that he wasn't shorter than me, never called me fat, and bought me drinks and shots. I just didn't want to process the truth, I wanted to party....

Though I am curious about it at times, it is more like an exercise in thought than an existential crisis.

What I wonder about is how quickly sociopaths are able to recognise one another, to see through the facade of an otherwise "normal" human being.

9 months into our relationship, we were fighting all the time.Upon the 24th hour of not hearing from him, I knew it was my chance to catch him some way or another. My grandfather had fallen ill and my hair iron was at Socio's place, so before I headed up to see my family, I stopped there for it. Upon turning the lock, I knew something wasn't right.... I am curious about the interaction between sociopaths.He fell right in the middle of the bunch, he was the only male, the only adopted child as I mentioned, and he felt like the odd man out always. He worked 8am-2pm for a family friend off the books and then drank for 12 hours.When he was super wasted, he would discuss this and often cry and throw things. I would meet him out around pm after my work day and he would already be wasted.

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I had "loved" many who hadn't returned the favor and vice-versa.

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