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but apologists after him often applied his empiricist approach to general knowledge to the defense of Christianity.

Ironically, Locke’s own thought was in some respects appreciated by the deists, since he strongly insisted that revelation claims should be tested by reason.

The enormous success of science encouraged many people to believe that eventually everything could be explained naturalistically, thus eliminating the need to appeal to the existence of a supernatural Creator to explain reality as we know it.

This leads us to the second front of evidentialist apologetics: its appeal to history.

Such proof is to be found, according to Paley and other likeminded apologists, especially in historical evidences for the central biblical events.

Paley presented a classic statement of these evidences in his 1794 book, A View of the Evidences of Christianity.

Paley’s argument in View was representative of a century-long trend of apologists developing historical, inductive arguments defending the biblical miracles, and especially the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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