Dating at the high musuem of art

This Fellowship honors Alfred Appel, Jr., a leading scholar of American Studies and a collector of modern prints and photographs.The focus of the Fellowship changes each year based on institutional need.By the 1820’s the palace became known as Admiralty House and was the seat of the Commander-in Chief of the British Mediterranean Fleet.It also hosted high-ranking personalities both as residents and guests.When we agree on a course of action, each of us makes a 100% effort to deliver on our promise.We are action-oriented, innovative and produce quality work.The Delaware Art Museum is a private, not-for-profit arts organization.

The Museum provides an opportunity for employees to enrich and develop their love of the arts while contributing their specific skills and talents to the mission of the Museum.

Career opportunities in the Museum require all levels of training, experience, and education for positions in a wide range of areas.

The Museum provides a generous benefits package, and is an equal opportunity employer.

Set in a complementing historic building, the museum presents a multifaceted overview of art and artistic expression in Malta from the Late Medieval period to the contemporary.

The building was originally one of the earliest to be built in Valletta and served as residence to successive knights of the Order of St John.

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We treat each other in a way that enables each of us to contribute to our fullest potential.

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