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As soon as I landed in Catalan country, I was immediately caught up with the same magical aura that most adventurers encounter upon entering Catalonia, and, as a result, for that week in Barcelona, Belmiro remained out of mind — out of mind that is until the drizzly, overcast morning that defined my return trip to Lisbon.As I walked off the plane and waited for a cab to my flat located atop one of the beautiful hills that define Lisbon, I pulled out my phone and messaged the man I had talked to only a few days prior, and let him know that I was in the city and excited to explore it — hopefully with someone who knew it a little better than I did.I don’t see anything serious happening with them, but I’m having a good time. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field and trying to narrow down what you do and don’t want in a partner. Brandi has the uncanny ability to be both coy and and open book. That’s always good.” Brandi did not say how she met this man, but I think it would be a great story if she was a passenger during one of his Uber trips. The only man Brandi did mention by name is someone that she is not dating or hanging out with.She would not name names, but revealed that one of the men she’s into is an Uber driver and former model. Brandi has a thing for Lenny Kravitz and she would be down to date him if the opportunity arises.Lately there have been rumors that she has been dating fellow reality star Theo Von, from So who is Brandi seeing these days?

Here are eight rockers who should step away from the computer.1. Vince Neil Locked himself outta the house and now has to call a goddamn locksmith #mylifesux7. @thisisrobthomas (Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20)I do believe that PARENTHOOD is one of the best shows on tv.

In 2014, Ben Stiller’s one-time flame blasted an ex fling on Twitter after he pulled the plug on their budding courtship via email.

Buy the book here, and you can learn Coco's advice for keeping your rapper boyfriend, former PAPER contributor Steven Blush's list of "11 Completely Fucked Up Hardcore Songs." Theo Kogan's 10 Worst Things About Dating a Girl in a Band: This Is a Warning!!! She might be sleeping with as many people as the dudes in bands do while they're out on the road.8. She may come back from tour totally uninterested in you.10. He's actually not her drummer, her gay BFF, or her brother. Aynsley Dunbar (drummer for Frank Zappa, John Mayall, Jefferson Starship and many others)He wouldn't dip unless he felt he was up to full capability.

Just because Brandi Glanville is no longer a cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills does not mean that the show’s fans have lost an interest in her life.

In fact, I feel like it means that people are even more curious about what she’s been up to.

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Wayne Kramer Poor Wayne Kramer, everyone who's seen it thinks he has a small penis, but he only got the head of his dick in there. It was one of my first castings and so because of that I didn't know how to lubricate his pubes. Jimi Hendrix wearing nothing but his guacho hat and some kind of panne velvet top... He may have finally penetrated on try number four.4.

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