Dating culture in china

” Then, on the other hand, there are Chinese people who say, “Foreigners are too open.

They are too promiscuous.” Those people wrongly believe that every Chinese girl will fall before our feet like little submissive dominos, magically shed all their super conservative (超保守) values, and hop into bed once a foreigner opens his mouth.

Dating culture is a good question ~ As you konw,different countries have different cultures including dating culture.1) In our country,we men usually invite women by some indirect ways,because most us are shy.

Fortunately Chinese women always understand your means ~2)we always meet each other at outside ,and we usually let the lady choose her favorite restaurant or food.

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I've not typed a blog post before and have no idea what to say specifically, so I'll just do some random thoughts about this site or otherwise. You know, those little parasitic plant suckers that kill plants you actually like? Read the whole post I can prove the existence of phantoms after I met you.

I see you among the crowd, I see you in my dreams and I even see you in every photographs and posters that I pass by.

Often in the past, when I walked up to say hello to one of those attractive, dateable, marriageable, Chinese girls, those super conservative (超保守) Chinese girls became freaked out, and run away.Obviously, the assumptive female who believes this propaganda will be part of the majority of conservative Chinese females who run away.You can say that China is like a spa, Chinese people are like a big jet, and I am the person inside. That would be a great relationship to have with a Chinese girl.If she have no idea,we must give a other choice at once.3)I have to say many Chinese men don't be gentle like a British ~but maybe this is our shortcoming in our dating culture,we sometimes don't consider details like we don't open the door for the women.Of course there are still some gentle men can do this As for me,now I try to behave more gently and naturally That's what I think,it's my own feelings ~if you want more messages,you should ask more Chinese men and women.

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