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For not much coin the Harmony Rocket was a great choice of hundreds of thousands from music stores to Sear Catalogs.We repaired a slight crack at input jack common area. We professional glued it from the inside and it's stronger than new.In their heyday, Harmony was the largest manufacture of guitars in the USA. The pickup used during and around those years were made by De Armond Company. No wear with just a very few small dings, (see if you can really see them).

Guitar has a 4 bolt neck which was the better neck from Harmony.

Bill Haley and many other early rockers used guitars just like this baby.

They have a sound of their own, and just breath taking, to say the least. She's completely original except for the button input jack that someone installed. There's just something about playing a Vintage Harmony.

H38 is the same model in reversed Black and Gold - H39 is a later Hollywood model.

was a great choice of hundreds of thousands from music stores to Sear Catalogs.

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